Apricot Coffee House

Due to Covid 19 we have limited our hours to Thursday-Friday 7:30-12:00 Sat & Sun 8-12.


our story

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Michele, I am the owner of  a little coffee house in Pleasant Ridge called Apricot! Apricot came to life when my wonderful husband Shawn and I were backpacking through Vietnam. We were having a grand adventure motorbiking across the country, hiking through beautiful caves, and sailing around Ha Long Bays floating mountains. These memories are some of my greatest treasures and now I would love to share them with you. At the end of our adventure we spent four amazing days in Hanoi unwinding and relaxing in the Old Quarter. We lapped up every luxury we came across,  one of which was a beautiful hotel overlooking Ho Hoan Kiem Lake. Its name is The Apricot Hotel and after weeks of backpacking this hotel was Heaven on Earth. Hanoi is amazing, every street corner is a new adventure. Markets, Street food, Coffee shops happy people and the exuberance of life surrounds you. It is that feeling and memory that I want to share with you here in Cincinnati. Come enjoy some coffee, hang out with a friend or the community. Be the vibe, create your own happiness and take the time to enjoy the little things.


come to Apricot

Why do people go anywhere?

Personally, I like to seek out funky little places that make me "feel" something when I am there. I'm totally a vibe person I love to walk into a space and think "THIS IS AWESOME!" The people, the atmosphere,the product all ties into the "vibe". That being said, Apricots vibe is funky fresh! I am dedicated to the people and their health! Fresh organic ingredients are always used! I want my neighbors and community to come in and feel instantly refreshed. Cliche as this sounds my body IS my temple. So I treat myself to whole nutrient dense DELICIOUS products. Join me!